artonomous (adj.)

from “art” + the Greek word nomos “law”, the one that is ruled by the laws of art.

ARTonomous is a local and online store created to celebrate the artful touch in everyday items: jewelry, fashion, crafts, all made by Greek artists.

Meet the ARTonomous style & design team:

Vassiliki has a Graphic Design, Costume Making and Theater Design background and is the owner of the ARTonomous style & design store.

Her love for art and aesthetics is visible in the jewelry and crafts she makes, in her choices in fine items by Greek designers and in her small studio & shop in downtown Thessaloniki.

Konstantina is the blogger and the person behind the e-shop and the social media profiles of the ARTonomous style & design store.

She loves writing, creating, and everything new, so, along with translating and teaching foreign languages, she has discovered the wonderful world of blogging and communicating through new technologies.